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ceramic workshops

If you want to sculpt in clay, or throw plates and cups, glaze and burn, we offer instruction. In 2006 we build our kiln to extend our ceramic workshop. This kiln is designed to use wood or also gas system.


You can take basic classes, just half day for an opportunity to try for fun, one day for introduction to all the process, 2-3 days for on one process you have interest in or it can be 1-2 week time for run though all the processes. This all depending on your time and interest.


We also give all support for anybody who want to work on their own and we are open for any exchange experience.

For renting the workshop and equipment the fee is 500 baht per day. Materials, - like clay or glaze, will be charged by weight and the cost will depend on your requirement, raw material or ready to be use.

For basic classes, including all equipment and material the costs are 1000 baht per day (500 baht for half day class)

One time biscuit firing will cost 3500 baht and glaze firing (not more than 1280 C) will cost 5000 baht.

If we can arrange firing in a group or together with our products, we can share the cost by amount.)

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