We provide space where artists can work in a peaceful, isolated and inspiring setting,

Have time and space to create art among peers, and access to nature, culture and food.

ESC attracts creative people who share a lot in common and get along well. The retreats, though unstructured, work to create a growing artistic community. We do what we can to introduce past and present attendees via Internet, if wanted, when we think their work would be of interest to each other.

ESC is a self-service house, informal and comfortable,

The house is located in a secluded, very quiet village with no distractions, save farmers and nature.

Though close enough to enjoy the region's many attractions during downtime (hiking, swimming, elephant riding, massage, ), it is still remote enough to be a wonderful environment to work in, alone or with a group.

What we offer is incomparable: space in which to work, a view of the rice fields across the valley from a comfortable room, and a long-term, affordable stay.


contact us for more information, interesting projects, collaboration possibilities or references at mlutg@yahoo.com

Oraphan Lutgenhorst ,169 Moo, Ban Nongha, Nambualong, Sanpatong,  Chiangmai 12050, Thailand, Tel / Fax:, +66-03-836094, mobile +66-089-045-8585