artist residency, theater, puppetry, ceramics


We welcome artists to apply to come to ESC as barters on work exchange stays. Writers and artists receive a complimentary room in exchange for approximately 16-20 hours of work per week. Work can be done in two-hour daily sessions or in two full days a week, depending on the nature of the work.

The kind of work depends on the season and the number of other guests at the house, but would include anything from farming and gardening to small home improvement, grant research for the owners, or organizational assistance.

Applicants for the barter position should follow the instructions on the “how to apply” section of the website, and indicate “barter position” in the subject line of their email. Barter rooms are not available during the summer. We review applications one to two months in advance.

Please read about barter requirements on our “guidelines”.

contact us for more information, interesting projects, collaboration possibilities or references at

Oraphan Lutgenhorst ,169 Moo, Ban Nongha, Nambualong, Sanpatong, Chiangmai 12050, Thailand, Tel / Fax:, +66-03-836094, mobile +66-089-045-8585