retreat guidelines

We make these recommendations because they work. After five years of doing this, talking to attendees, and using our own experience as a rule of thumb, we can guarantee that if you adopt these guidelines you will leave La Muse feeling very accomplished. Your time here is a gift, but the gift comes daily in the attention you give to your work, not just with your presence at the house.

    * Six days a week, we recommend the following daily schedule:

      8AM – awake and breakfast.

      9AM – 1 PM. Creative Projects.

      1PM – 2 PM. Lunch.

      2PM – 6 PM. Creative Projects.


    * Quiet Hours. There will be no noise in the common areas, and respectful quiet in the rooms during work hours and from 10:30 PM to 8 AM.

    * Any collaborative work or discussions of projects must be held quietly

    * Noise levels during social hours inside and outside the house must always be respectful of the peaceful natural environment and our neighbors.

    * You are here to create. What we provide is not heavy on service; we give you a beautiful, affordable space in which to get your work done.

    * This is not a tourist visit. We’d be happy to schedule readings one night a week; dinners one night a week; and outings in the region one day a week.

    * All common areas must be cleared of personal items, including books and laptops and notebooks.

    * Rooms are to be kept tidy.

    * No food or drink in the rooms.

    * No smoking in the house.

    * Kitchens and dining areas must be cleaned after mealtimes.

    * Anything that is damaged must be paid for.

    * Minimum Stay: one month.

    * The management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time.

    * Participants who leave early will not be refunded their money.

contact us for more information, interesting projects, collaboration possibilities or references at

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