room and rates

Main house): a large double room, shared kitchen and eating area, bathroom and hot shower,  
2000 baht per day  (this price is for up to 6 persons, for extra beds we charge 200 baht each) 

 Oma’s house: a middle sized bedroom with hot shower and toilet.  
600 baht for one person; 900 baht for two. for extra bed we charge 200 baht each

Yai’s House: a double room with bathroom and hot shower, big terrace for meeting, also space downstair for use, kitchen and another toilet with shower, 

2000 baht per day  for the whole house (the price can stay up to 6 persons , for extra one we charge  200 baht each) 

garden house: our rustic glass cabin. This house has a small bathroom and toilet with a windows looking all direction  

400 baht for one person; 700 baht for two. Sleeps 3 people 900 baht 

Stage and space for your activities: including  lights or electronic equipment we charge 

1000 baht per day for maintenance of stage, space, equipment and electricity.

Ceramic studio: For renting workshop and equipment  -     500 baht per day. 

Material like clay or glaze will be charged by weight and the cost will depend on your requirement , raw material or ready to be used. 

For biscuit firing -      3500 baht 
glaze firing not more than 1280 C -      5000 baht. 

( If we can arrange firing together in group or with our products, we can share the cost by amount.)

Groups up to 20 can be accommodated. The rate is 300 baht per person per day,. You sleep together in the houses. 

Stay more than 5 days 5% discount , more than 10 days 10 % discount, more than 20 days 15 % discount.

Every house has cleaning service once a week.

For Thai food service, 3 meals including fruit and coffee we charge 350 baht per person per day.

Please email us for more information!

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