Stage Equipment

Our stage is a converted northern thai rice house. The proscenium opening is 4m x 4m or 8m x 4m . The stage floor is teak wood, but not fit for sliding dance steps. The usable stage is 8m x 4m extendable to 8m x 6m. The stage is playable from three sides with various openings and audience size. The hight is 5m.

The outdoor grass covered auditorium seats, squat, stand app. 150 people and can be used as an acting area as a center stage.

We have three flying pipes, various large projections screens for movie shows, video projector, simple sound systems and mikes and movable small dimmer boards and clip lams and some halogen lights.

There is space for dressing rooms.

We have small collection of thai instruments, masks, some costumes, fabrics, objects etc for you to use.

Most of the land is designed for holding an audiences for performances .

We have an office equipment with a mini movie house seating about 25  people, for our growing film collection, a few computer with video editing abilities, printer, the office works, high speed, wireless and land line internet. The office allows 4 people peacefully to work.

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